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Please fill out the forms completely and we will contact you shortly! Applications can be emailed to or you may fill out the online form for your convenience!

Requirements for Admission:

  1. Must have been a born again believer in Christ and active member of a church for at least 1 year.
  2. Must provide a pastoral reference.
  3. Must agree to our “Statement of Faith” and Program Handbook.
  4. Must participate in a phone or live interview.

Application Process:

  1. Fill out application
  2. Write testimony essay (if applying for the 9-month internship)
  3. Phone interview with applicant
  4. References are called
  5. Applicant receives letter of acceptance if process complete and accepted

Application Deadlines:

Spring 2016-17: March 6, 2017

Summer 2017: May 29, 2017

Fall 2017-18: August 17, 2017

Start Dates:

Spring 2016-17: March 13, 2017

Summer 2017: June 1, 2017

Fall 2017-18: August 21, 2017

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